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_________________________________________________Volume 2 #1 Editor: Ginny Schalm Winter 1999


THE SCHALM CONNECTION is a tri-annual genealogy publication of those interested in the quest of connecting the SCHALM families of the world. Articles may be submitted by e-mail to or in care of the editor to the address given on the cover. Due dates are Dec. 1 for the Winter issue, Mar. 1 for the Spring issue and Sept. 1 for the Summer/Fall issue. Subscription rates for 3 years will be $7/USA, $9/Canada & $12 for over seas and free to any library that wishes to receive it.



This is the first attempt at this total a SCHALM Phonebook. Germany is not in here. Neither is the rest of Europe, Australia or Asia. So many of the things I got out of the German phonebook were incorrect that I did not even consider putting them in this book. Bascially it is North and South America--Mostly the USA and Canada.

Now I know there are mistakes in here. I have been at this for so long that I am not seeing triple, but dozens of triples. Being disorganized I can't find, can't remember or have run out of time for all the other stuff that is not in here. All those things that you people gave me--well it wouldn't hurt to get them to me again and instruct me to put the information immediately into the computer where I won't lose it. So, I'll say I am sorry now, if I blew your name or was off on some other detail or left something out. THANKS to Henry of Canada!!!

This is how the directory works. The name is under the person's current last name. Women who kept their orginal name and I knew that, it is listed under that. I put the maiden name in the listing to tell who is who. I hope this is not too small for you to see.

You know the branches: Canadian, Chicago, East Coast, Germany, Mt. Clemens, South America, Utah. The branch is given after the name unless you see the word: NONE. In that case, I don't know the branch for sure. Anyone with this after their name--PLEASE let me know who you are and where you fit. Thanks! Both the Canadian and the Mt. Clemens branches have been divided with a "-" and a letter after the branch. This letter is the first letter of the immigrant ancester's first name. In all cases the last name was SCHALM. For the Canadian branch it is A for Adolf, W for Wilhelm (Bill), G for Gustav (Gus). For the Mt. Clemens branch it is M for Michael, J for Johann (John), and W for Wilhelm (William).

KEY: h-husband, w-wife, c-children, a-ancestors to, but usually not including the immigrant,

a-* means this person him/herself is the child of the immigrant, e- is the email address,

( ) means the person is dead--I sure hope that I didn't kill anyone off that is alive!

Darren AARON, 1429 Whitesand Dr, Richmond VA 23225 USA, 804-330-0540 CANADIAN-A

Loreen MANTIK ALBERT, 11980 Cottonwood Ave, North Delta BC V4E 3K1 Canada, 250-590-5700 CANADIAN-W h-Fred a-Margaret SCHALM MANTIK

Cindy JORDAN ALSUP, 2050 Woodmont W, Canton MI 48188 USA, 734-397-9104 MT CLEMENS-M h-Jaramie cAlexis a-Kathy HELDT JORDAN, Lawrence HELDT, (Berta SCHALM HELDT)

Kelly SCHALM ARMISTEAD, 611 Glenwyth, Brighton MI 48116 USA CHICAGO a-(Edward, Walter)

Kelly SCHALM BARAKA, 924 E. 20th St. Apt. 1, Oakland CA 94606 USA, 510-533-0121 MT CLEMENS-M a-Roger, (Oscar, Wm T)

Earl BERKAN, Box 2142, Tisdale SK, S0E 1T0 Canada, 306-873-2214 CANADIAN-Z a-(Elizabeth ZIEMER BERKAN, Albertina SCHALM ZIEMER)

Larry BERKAN, 2111 Bonneau Place, Regina SK, S4V 0L4 Canada, 306-751-4902 CANADIAN-Z w-Cheryl a-(Elizabeth ZIEMER BERKAN, Albertina SCHALM ZIEMER)

Neil BERKAN, ReginA SK Canada, 306-949-2124 CANADIAN-Z w-Sandra a-(Elizabeth ZIEMER BERKAN, Albertina SCHALM ZIEMER)

Ralph BERKAN, Box 927, Vermilion AB T0B 4M0 Canada, 403-853-2245 CANADIAN-Z w-Lyda a-(Elizabeth ZIEMER BERKAN, Albertina SCHALM ZIEMER)

Roy BERKAN, Box 352, Semans SK S0A 3S0 Canada, 306-524-2151 CANADIAN-Z w-Elizabeth ZIEMER

Warren BERKAN, 4345 189 Ave, Issaquah WA 98027 USA, 206-644-1120 CANADIAN-Z w-Maureen a-(Elizabeth ZIEMER BERKAN, Albertina SCHALM ZIEMER)

Lenette ZIEBER BEVIS, 411 Machleary St, Nanaimo BC V9R 2H1 Canada, 250-754-9971 CANADIAN-W h-Rick a-Betty SCHALM ZIEBER

Gayle JOYES BOND, 9336 150 St, Edmonton AB T5R 1G6 Canada, 403-481-9554 CANADIAN-A h-Gary a-Erna SCHALM JOYES

George BRAUN, 4969 Walden St, Vancouver BC V5W 4B9 Canada, 604-327-0872 CAN

Olive JOYES BROWN, 7773 Lancaster Crese, Pr George BC V2N 3R3 Canada, 250-964-1295 CANADIAN-A h-James c-James, Owen, Nathan a-Erna SCHALM JOYES

Peter CARLSON, 702 Ridgeview Terr, Kamloops BC V2B 4G9 Canada, 250-376-6606 CAN

Bertha SCHALM CHESTER, Box 175, Medstead SK S0M 1W0 Canada, 306-342-4743 CANADIAN-A h-(Douglas CHESTER) a-*

Laura ROSSOW CHRISTMAN, 24651 Lambrecht, Eastpointe MI 48021 USA , 810-777-0079 MT CLEMENS-M a-Amelia SCHALM ROSSOW

Cindy JORDAN ALSUP, Canton MI 48 USA, 734- MT CLEMENS-M h-Jaramie cAlexis a-Kathy HELDT JORDAN, Lawrence HELDT, (Berta SCHALM HELDT)

Sarah PHIBBS CONKIN, SS1, Boston Bar BC V0K 1C0 Canada, 250-867-9337 CANADIAN-Z h-Nathan a-via Ernest ZIEMER

Stacey CRONIN, 6405 Dudley St, Halifax NS B3L 2S1 Canada, 902-453-1196 CANADIAN-A a-Gertrude SCHALM CRONIN

Shelly ZIEBER DELANEY, 428 E 35 Ave, Vancouver BC V5W 1A9 Canada, 604-325-5399 CANADIAN-W h-Tim a-Betty SCHALM ZIEBER

Lucy ZIEMER DEN-OTTER, 1868 E Central, Pr George BC V2M 3C3 Canada, 250- CANADIAN-Z h-Adrie a-via Ernest ZIEMER

Dorothy SCHALM DUNNING, 1644 Wayjegab Rd, Glenview IL 60025 USA CHICAGO a-(Walter)

Lucien EGERT, 3550 Scott Rd, Kelowna BC V1W 3H6 Canada, 250-763-7086 CANADIAN Debie KLAPAUSZAK ELLIOT, 102 Royal Rd, Edmonton AB T6J 2E7 Canada, 403-437-4238 CANADIAN-W h-Stuart c-Morgan, Melanie a-Alma SCHALM KLAPAUSZAK

Stuart ELLIOT, 11159 70 Ave, Edmonton AB T6H 2G9 Canada, 403-435-7935 CANADIAN-W

Carole SCHALM ERTLEY, Chestnut Ridge Country Club Rd, Dallas PA 18612 USA EAST COAST h- ERTLEY c-KristineERTLEY McCARTHY, Kim, Traci, David a-(Paul II, Paul etc)

Brenda SEELEY ESPER, 6798 Red Cedar Lane, West Bloomfield MI 48324 USA, 248-363-9408 MT CLEMENS-M h-Dennis a-(Viola ROSSOW SEELEY, Amelia SCHALM ROSSOW)

David FITZGERALD, 58 Marlboro Dr, Spruce Grove AB T7X 2L4 Canada, 403-960-3579 CANADIAN-W w-Brenda TURLOCK c-Chantel, Austin, Alisha a-(Esther SCHALM FITZGERALD)

Trevor FITZGERALD, 239 Rolling Hills Ln, Wenatchee WA 98801 USA, 509-662-7835 CANADIAN-W w-Jody TETREAU c-Serina a-(Esther SCHALM FITZGERALD)

Lavonne ZIEBER FORTIE, 920 Ida Land, Kamloops BC V2B 6V1 Canada, 250-579-8133

CANADIAN-W h-Ed c-Ryland, Dion a-Betty SCHALM ZIEBER

Caroline SCHALM GALLAGHER, 24110 Darwin, Macomb, MI 48042 USA, 810-949-9409 MT CLEMENS-M h-Ed c-Donald, Ronald a-(August)

Donald GALLAGHER, 35709 Schmid, North Baltimore MI 48047 USA, 810-725-3415 MT CLEMENS-M w-Patricia TAYLON c-Donna a-Caroline SCHALM GALLAGER, (August)

Ronald GALLAGHER, 42276 Little Rd, Mt. Clemens MI 48043 USA, 810-468-6492 MT CLEMENS-M w-Ann SCHEILEE c-Vanessa, Derek a-Caroline SCHALM GALLAGER, (August)

Arthur GELLERT, 4742 Walsh Ave, Terrace BC V8G 1Y6 Canada, 250-635-5624 CAN

Egon GELLERT, 5712 heritage Dr, Vernon BC V1H 1A5 Canada, 250-558-4758 CANADIAN

Rudi GELLERT Canada, 604-689-8598 CANADIAN

Sandra SCHALM GILLIES, Box 186, Debden SK S0J 0S0 Canada, 306-468-2817 CANADIAN-A h-Brian c-Kalen a-Ludwig

Karen MANTIK GRAHAM, 10818A 21 Ave, Edmonton AB Canada, 403-434-8195 CANADIAN-W h-Wayne a-Margaret SCHALM MANTIK


Gary HAERLE, 628 Oakwood Place SW, Calgary AB T2V 0K5 Canada, 403-238-2421 CANADIAN-Z w-Mary

Glenn HAERLE, 2551 Chicoutimi Dr NW, Calgary AB T2L 0W4 Canada, 403-284-3445 CANADIAN-Z w-Anita

Lyle HAERLE, 510 Kimball, Wauconda IL 60084 USA, 708-526-0534 CANADIAN-Z w-Jennifer Bryce HANSON, 2916 Peavey, Port Huron MI 48060 USA MT CLEMENS-M w-Bonnie CLEARY c-Angela, Melissa, Brian a-Evelyn SCHALM HANSON, (August)

Dave HANSON, Boucherie, Kelowna BC Canada, 250-768-9580 CANADIAN

Evelyn SCHALM HANSON, Dwayne and Ward HANSON, 36882 Gregory Dr, Sterling Heights MI 48312 USA, 810-268-0732 MT CLEMENS-M h-(Calvin) c-(Marshall),Bryce, Lyall, Shelley HANSON LaDUKE, Larry, Dwayne, Ward a-(August)

Larry HANSON, 49784 Salisbury, Chesterfield Twp MI 48047 USA, 810-949-2856 MT CLEMENS-M w-Anita c-Colin, Amber a-Evelyn SCHALM HANSON, (August)

Linda PTACNIC HANSON, 18017 Maybury, Clinton Twp MI 48035 USA, 810-791-5926 MT CLEMENS-M h-(Marshall) c-Mark, Beth

Lyall HANSON, 8218 Willesdon, Sterling Heights MI 48312 USA, 810-977-0237 MT CLEMENS-M w-Melanie SAWYER c-Kyle, Todd, Kari, Kelli a-Evelyn SCHALM HANSON, (August)

Sherry SCHALM HAYS, Box 34075, Halifax NS B3J 3S1 Canada, 902-425-1774 CANADIAN-A h-Peter a-Ozzie

Eleanor HELDT, 38715 Lighthouse Pt, Clinton Twp MI 48038 USA, 810-286-3437 MT CLEMENS-M a-(Berta SCHALM HELDT)

George HELDT, 555 Sherbourne Apt. 2002, Toronto ON M4X 1W6 Canada, 416-323-1088 MT CLEMENS-M a-(Arnold, Berta SCHALM HELDT)

Lawrence HELDT, 38815 Marblehead, Clinton Twp MI 48038 USA, 810-286-3120 MT CLEMENS-M w-Hazel c-Kathy HELDT JORDAN a-(Berta SCHALM HELDT)

Marie FUNKE HELDT, 4827 Hubbard, Wayne MI 48184 USA, 313-722-7159 MT CLEMENS-M h-(Arnold) c-(Arnold Jr), George

Elsie HNATIUK, 5333 106 St, Edmonton AB T6H 2T2 Canada, 403-434-0704 CANADIAN

Annegret SCHALM HORTON, 6303 Leger Bay, Regina, SK S4X 2K4 Canada, 306-949-5610 CANADIAN-G h-Bob c-Kirsten, Marie a-Gottfried

Renate SCHALM JANSEN, 5804 Pleasant Valley Rd, Vernon BC V1T 6L6 Canada, 250-549-2380 CANADIAN-G h-Arnold c-Arnie, Jimmy a-*

Muriel ZIEMER JOHNSON, RR8 Site 6 Comp 33, Pr George BC V2N 4M6 Canada, 250-963-8259 CANADIAN-Z

Kathy HELDT JORDAN, 36629 Capper, Clinton Twp MI 48035 USA, 810-792-4538 MT CLEMENS-M h-Keith c-Cindy JORDAN ALSUP, Larry, Chris a-Lawrence, (Berta SCHALM HELDT)

Andy JOYES, 15727A 100A Ave, Edmonton AB T5P 0L5 Canada, 403-486-5367 CANADIAN-A w-Helen PHAM a-Erna SCHALM JOYES

Edwin JOYES, Hythe AB T0H 2C0 Canada, 403-356-2168 CANADIAN-A w-Bonnie JACOBS a-Erna SCHALM JOYES

Erna SCHALM JOYES, 9519 151 St, Edmonton AB T5P 1S2 Canada, 403-484-6497 CANADIAN-A h-(Harry) c-Olive, Andy, Edwin, Ruth, Ken, Gayle, Edith a-*

Ken JOYES, #1 Winermere Dr, Spruce Grove AB T7X 1P9 Canada, 403-962-5553

CANADIAN-A w-Heather PAULSEN c-Naomi, Tara, Miranda a-Erna SCHALM JOYES

Chad KILE, Edmonton AB Canada, 403-477-7116 CANADIAN-A w-Allana HOTTE a-Ruth JOYES KILE LONGHURST, Erna SCHALM JOYES

Stanly KLAPAUSZAK, #80 Hawkhill Rd NW, Calgary AB T3G 2V9 Canada, 403-239-7876 CANADIAN-W old address w-Ruth a-Alma SCHALM KLAPAUSZAK

Stanly KLAPAUSZAK, 2362 G Berring Dr, Houston TX 77057 USA, 713-781-2523 CANADIAN-W new address

Alice KRUEGER, #211 10421 42 Ave, Edmonton AB T6J 7C8 Canada, 403-435-2764 CAN

Shelley HANSON LaDUKE, 20954 South Miles, Clinton Twp MI 48036 USA, 810-954-1711 MT CLEMENS-M h-Donald c-Jason a-Evelyn SCHALM HANSON, (August)

Lynn TREKOFSKI LAGORE, Mozambique Africa CANADIAN-W h-Dwight c-Russel, Amanda a-Ruth SCHALM TREKOFSKI

Stacey SCHALM LAIRD, 4175 Grayton, Waterford MI 48328 USA CHICAGO a-(Edward, Walter)

Lisa SCHALM LEKOVISH, 2865 51st St. South Apt. 1, Golfport FL 33707 USA CHICAGO a-(Edward, Walter)

Laura-Joy PEKHAM LINDSTRAND, #303 10621 79 Ave, Edmonton AB T6E 1S2 Canada, 403-439-6720 CANADIAN-W h-Jonathan a-Christine LITKE PEKHAM, Dorothy SCHALM LITKE

Daniel LITKE, Box 1204, Fairview AB T0H 1L0 Canada, 403-835-2190 CANADIAN-W w-Karen HOGGINS c-Alysha, Chance a-Dorothy SCHALM LITKE

Dorothy SCHALM LITKE, 3609A 66 St, Camrose AB T4V 3H4 Canada, 403-672-0527 CANADIAN-W c-Ray,Christine, Daniel, Mark, Glenn, Jenny LITKE NEUMANN a-*

Glenn LITKE, 8217 105 Ave, Peace River, AB T8S 1M8 Canada, 403-624-1986 CANADIAN-W w-Brenda CHATEAU c-Ryan, Nicole a-Dorothy SCHALM LITKE

Mark LITKE, 55 Covington Rise, Calgary AB T3K 4A9 Canada, 403-226-3939 CANADIAN-W w-Kathrine a-Dorothy SCHALM LITKE

Ray LITKE, Apt. 202 # 10 Fir St, Sherwood Park AB T8A 1Z6 Canada, 403-449-1874 CANADIAN-W w-Geraldine CHADWICK a-Dorothy SCHALM LITKE

Ruth JOYES KILE LONGHURST, Calgary AB Canada, 403-285-6048 CANADIAN-A h-Jack c-Chad KILE, Joline KILE, Sharene KILE a-Erna SCHALM JOYES

Arnie LOTHOLTZ, Box 797, Mayerthorpe AB T0E 1N0 Canada, 403-786-2424 CANADIAN Hugo LOTHOLTZ, Barrhead AB Canada, 403-674-4146 CANADIAN

Judy LOTHOLTZ, 6309 90 Ave, Edmonton AB T6B 0P1 Canada CANADIAN

Margaret SCHALM MANTIK, #2 421 6 St SE, Salmon Arm BC V1E 4E8 Canada, 250-832-4048 CANADIAN-W h(Ray) c-Karen MANTIK GRAHAM, Loreen MANTIK ALBERT, Phyllis a-*

Phyllis MANTIK, 3404 NW 22nd, Oklahoma City OK 73107 USA, 405-946-2720 CANADIAN-W a-Margaret SCHALM MANTIK

Colleen SCHALM MARES, #305, 630 Lonergan Bld, Timmins ON P4P 1H3 Canada, 705-264-0659 CANADIAN-W h-Zdenek a-Alfred

Todd McPHERSON, 2165 Kirkstone Rd N, Vancouver BC V7J 3N3 Canada, 604-986-3290 CANADIAN-W w-Laury CARRIERE a-Wilma SCHALM McPHERSON

Wilma SCHALM McPHERSON, 2165 Kirkstone Rd N, Vancouver BC V7J 3N3 Canada, 604-986-3290 CANADIAN-W h-Neil c-Todd, Meghan a-*

Kerri MIERAU, SS#1, Boston Bar BC V0K 1C0 Canada CANADIAN-Z via Ernest ZIEMER

Robin SCHALM MOSIER EAST COAST h-Sam c-Kory a-Robert,(Paul II, Paul etc)

Helmut Erwin MUDROW, 1275 East 125 North St, Ogden UT 84404-4142 USA UTAH

Kathie SCHALM NANCE EAST COAST c-Kory a-Robert,(Paul II, Paul etc)

Pat TREKOFSKI THOMAS NELSON, Box 1142, Salmon Arm BC V1E 4P4 Canada, 250-832-8531 CANADIAN-W h-Eric c-Ruth THOMAS a-Ruth SCHALM TREKOFSKI

Jenny LITKE NEUMANN, Site 1 Box 7 RR6, Calgary AB T3M 4L5 Canada, 403-285-9393 CANADIAN-W h-Eric c-Kevin, Michelle a-Dorothy SCHALM LITKE

Rozanna PLETT NEWMAN, 7351 51 St, Salmon Arm BC Canada, 250-833-4965 CANADIAN-W h-Cody a-Jenny SCHALM PLETT

Nancy SCHALM NIEMANN, 502 Anderson Dr, Lake-in-the-Hills IL 60102 USA CHICAGO

Sally SCHALM ORANGE, Box 16, Medstead SK S0M 1W0 Canada, 306-883-2684 CANADIAN-A h-(Henry) c-Randall, Shannon a-*

Ramona RIZZI PACHMAN, Box 187, Enderby BC V0E 1V0 Canada, 250-838-6632 CANADIAN-W h-James c-Rebecca a-Edith SCHALM RIZZI

Christine LITKE PECKHAM, 18 Darlington Dr, Sherwood Park AB T8H 1R8 Canada, 403-417-0662 CANADIAN-W h-Gary c-Laura-Joy, Kyle a-Dorothy SCHALM LITKE

Judy ZIEMER PHIBBS, SS#1, Boston Bar BC V0K 1C0 Canada, 250- CANADIAN-Z h-Dave a-via Ernest ZIEMER

Alma SCHALM KLAPAUSZAK PHILLIPS, 186 BalsamCrese, Olds AB T4H 1M4 Canada, 403-556-2702 CANADIAN-W h-(Mike KLAPAUSZAK), Wayne PHILLIPS c-Debra, Stanley, Heidi a-*

Jenny SCHALM PLETT, 1500 1st Ave SE, Salmon Arm BC Canada, 250-832-4078 CANADIAN-W h-Lorne c-Trenton, Rozanna a-*

Trenton PLETT, 7351 51 St, Salmon Arm BC Canada, 250-832-9303 CANADIAN-W w-Connie SCHMIDT c-Taylor, Ashleigh a-Jenny SCHALM PLETT

Hattie SCHALM POTTER, 108 Pickels Gap Rd, Conway AR 72032 USA, 501-513-0465 CANADIAN-A h-(Steve ROY), Reese POTTER c-Hayward ROY a-*

Stephanie SCHALM RAMPACEK, 110 Crocker Dr. #N207, San Jose CA 95111 USA, 408-972-4778 MT CLEMENS-M h-Dan a-Roger, (Oscar, Wm T) e-Rampacek@MSN.Com

Otto REICH, 8620 Fitzmaurice Dr, Vernon BC V1B 1X4 Canada, 250-542-6473 CANADIAN

Rudolf REICH, #403 E 36 Ave, Vancouver BC V5W 4B9 Canada, 604-325-4563 CANADIAN

Heidi KLAPAUSZAK RICHARDSON, RR 2, Olds AB T0M 2P0 Canada, 403-556-7956 CANADIAN-W h-Ron c-Kristen, Ambre, Kimberly a-Alma SCHALM KLAPAUSZAK PHILLIPS

Edith SCHALM RIZZI, Site 3 Comp 45, Tappen BC V0E 2X0 Canada, 250-835-8690 CANADIAN-W h-Tony c-Ramona, Peter a-*

Peter RIZZI, Box 573, Salmon Arm BC V1E 4N7 Canada, 250-832-8739 CANADIAN-W w-Anne HALLIWELL c-Anthony, Delanira a-Edith SCHALM RIZZI

Chris ROEKLE, 5599 Meadowsweet Ave Unit C, Kalamazoo MI 49004 USA, 616-385-9232 MT CLEMENS-M w-Trish PETERSEN a-Philip, Olga SCHALM ROEKLE, (Wm T)

David ROEKLE, 28427 Beech Hill, Farmington Hills MI 48334 USA, 248-851-8509 MT CLEMENS-M w-Carol CLAYTON c-Elizabeth, Karen a-Olga SCHALM ROEKLE, (Wm T)

Kim ROEKLE, 1846 S. 11th St. Apt 3 B, Kalamazoo MI 49009 USA, 616-353-8410 MT CLEMENS-M a-Philip, Olga SCHALM ROEKLE, (Wm T)

Olga ROEKLE, 5282 Green Meadow St, Kalamazoo MI 49009 USA, 616-372-9465 MT CLEMENS-M h-(Ted) c-Philip, David a-(Wm T)

Phil ROEKLE, 1443 Forbes, Kalamazoo MI 49006 USA, 616-381-6189 MT CLEMENS-M w-Helen KOCH c-Chris, Kim a-Olga SCHALM ROEKLE, (Wm T)

Emma KRUEGER ROSENFELDT, Rocky Mt, House AB Canada, 403-845-3729 CANADIAN

Justin ROSSOW, 38900 Harper, Trinity Lutheran Church, Clinton Twp MI 48036 USA, 810-463-2921 MT CLEMENS-M a-via Amelia SCHALM ROSSOW

Richard ROSSOW, 30003 Ryan Rd, HOLY CROSS LUTHERAN CHURCH, Warren MI 48092-3324 USA, 810-751-2550 MT CLEMENS-M a-via Amelia SCHALM ROSSOW

Christie SCHALM SANTURE, 43650 9 Mile Rd, Novi MI 48375 USA CHICAGO a-(Edward, Walter) Albert SCHALM, Box 792, Mayerthorpe AB T0E 1N0 Canada, 403-786-4380 CANADIAN-A w-Janet BARBIN c-Edward a-Ludwig

Alex SCHALM, 23243 Columbus Ave, Warren MI 48089-4435 USA, 810-773-6205 NONE

Alfred SCHALM, 1031 Okanagan St, Salmon Arm BC V1E 4J4 Canada, 250-832-2193 CANADIAN-W w-Gertrude ALGAJER c-Rebecca, Colleen SCHALM MARES, Andrew a-*

Andrew SCHALM, 10431 42 Ave, Edmonton AB T6J 7C7 Canada, 403-436-6849 CANADIAN-W a-Alfred

Annmarie M. SCHALM, 12824 Foley R, Emmett MI 48022-1705 USA, 810-395-7063 NONE

Anthony E. SCHALM, 732 Miller Rd, Tawas City MI 48763-9380 USA, 517-362-4386 MT CLEMENS-W w-Karla RHELL c-Tim,Anthony, James a-Charles W Jr, (Charles Wm)

Barbara C. SCHALM, 56400 Gratiot Ave, New Baltimore MI 48051-1224 USA, 810-749-9413 NONE

Bernard W. SCHALM, 55 Perrydale St, Rochester MI 48306-3444 USA, 348-651-5044 NONE

C. SCHALM, 936 Mt Creek Rd Apt #, Chattanooga, TN 37405-1743 USA, 423-870-8756 EAST COAST

Carl A. II SCHALM, 331 Tanview Dr, Oxford MI 48371-4771 USA, 248-628-4589 NONE Carolyn SCHALM, Santa Cruz CA 95060 USA, 408-464-2052 NONE

Carolynn SCHALM, 1400 47th Ave, Capitola CA 95010 USA CHICAGO a-(Edward, Waltera)

Charles SCHALM, 35509 Jeffers Ct, Harrison Twp MI 48045-3227 USA, 810-791-8141

Charles W. Jr. SCHALM, Tawas City MI 48763 USA, 517-362-7935 MT CLEMENS-W w-Katie BOWEN c-Charles Wm III, Liz, Anthony, Fred, Marty SCHALM NICKELL

Cindy SCHALM, Williams Lake BC Canada CANADIAN-W a-Dave

Daniel SCHALM, 1619 Redfern St, Victoria BC V8R 4X2 Canada CANADIAN-G a-Erwin

Dave SCHALM, 789 McDougal Ave, Williams Lake BC V2G 1W6 Canada, 250-392-4248 CANADIAN-W w-Claudia ARMSTRONG/Gaby EICHENBERGER c-Kent, Cindy, Troy, Wade a-*

David SCHALM, 206 Anzio Rd, Seaside CA 93955 USA CHICAGO w-Jill RUPERT a-Lewis, (Walter)

Delores M SCHALM,717 Livingston Ave, Pontiac MI 48340-2446 USA, 248-335-1812 NONE

Dennis D. SCHALM, 56400 Gratiot Ave, New Baltimore MI 48051-1224 USA, 810-749-9413 MT CLEMENS-J

Donald SCHALM, 151 Adams Ave, Staten Is NY 10306-3401 USA, 718-667-7540 NONE

Donald W. SCHALM, 29421 Jamestown Dr, New Baltimore MI 48051-2163 USA, 810-949-6257 NONE

Dorothea SCHALM, 508 1301 Rothesay St, Winnipeg MB R2G 1T9 Canada, 204-667-9201 CANADIAN-G a-Gottfried

Ed SCHALM, 4831 7 Ave, Edson AB T7E 1K8 Canada, 403-723-4715 CANADIAN-W w-Rinsche FOLKINGA c-Marnie, Nathan a-*

Edison SCHALM, 711 Forest Club Dr W Apt 216, West Palm Beach FL 33414-7908 USA, 561-753-8849 SO AMERICA w-Cintia KAISER c-Julie, Emily a-(Edmund, Siegmund, Erdmann)

Erwin SCHALM, 1483 Lombardy Sq, Kelowna BC V1Y 3S6 Canada, 250-861-8418 CANADIAN-G w-Susan KLIMEK c-Dan, David, Cindy SCHALM GNIEWOTTA, Charmain a-*

Frank SCHALM, 15389 Hall Rd, Macomb MI 48044-3841 USA, 810-247-4410 NONE

Fred W SCHALM, 1100 S Kobs Rd, Tawas City MI 48763-9570 USA, 517-362-7521 MT CLEMENS-W xw-Bridget CLARE c-Joshua, Brenten a-Charles Wm III, Charles Wm Jr, (Charles Wm) Gerry SCHALM, Box 22017, Penticton BC V2A 8L1 Canada, 250-770-2040 CANADIAN-W w-Trude c-Corinna SCHALM WEBSTER STICKNEY, Kyle a-*

Ginny SCHALM, 1046 W. Selfridge Blvd, Clawson MI 48017-1338 USA, 248-435-8618 MT CLEMENS-M a-(Alfred C, Wm T)

Ginny SCHALM, summer, Box 186, Beulah MI 49617 USA, 616-882-5154 MT CLEMENS-M

Glenn W. SCHALM, 7567 Hudson Ave, Warren MI 48091-3052 USA, 810-757-6496 NONE

Gottfried SCHALM, 23 Riverview Ct, Chochrane AB T0L 0W4 Canada, 403-932-7400 CANADIAN-G w-Christa VIET c-Dorothea, Annegret SCHALM HORTON, Michael, Christina SCHALM PETERS, Markus a-*

H. SCHALM, 1705 North Ave, Niagara Falls NY 14305-2903 USA, 716-282-1460 NONE

Harold H. SCHALM, 6802 Lake Dr, Harrison MI 48625-9081 USA, 517-539-5655 NONE

Harry SCHALM, 12 Brandywine Ct, Lafayette NJ 07848-3803 USA, 973-383-8241 NONE

Henry SCHALM, PO Box 336, Salmon Arm BC V1E 4N5Canada, 250-832-4862 CANADIAN-W w-Marian VALLEAU c-Warren, Wanda SCHALM SPEIDEL a-*

Marian SCHALM, work address, 241 cypress Ave, N Kamloops BC Canada, 250-554-1454

Henry E. SCHALM, 3135 Comitan Ln, Las Vegas NV 89122-3359 USA, 702-451-3352NONE

Erwin SCHALM, 1483 Lombardy Sq, Kelowna BC V1Y 3S6 Canada, 250-861-8418 CANADIAN-G w-Susan KLIMEK c-Dan, David, Cindy SCHALM GNIEWOTTA, Charmain a-*

James SCHALM, 27485 Wyatt, Trenton MI 48183 USA, 313-692-4713 CHICAGO w-Cheryl c-Megan, Chelsey, Deanna, Morgan, Blake a-(Edward, Walter)

Janet L. SCHALM, 14718 W. Antelope Dr, Sun City AZ 85375-5721 USA, 602-546-9211

Jeffery SCHALM, 24028 Pointe Dr, Macomb MI 48042-5913 USA NONE

Joe SCHALM, 41 Cassandra Cir, Churchville NY 14420-9776 USA, 716-889-2944 NONE

Judith SCHALM, 5004 David Dr, Dowagiac MI 49047-9243 USA, 616-424-3668 CHICAGO h-(Edward) c-Robert, Martin, James, Stacy, Lisa, Christie

Karin SCHALM, 2121 Park St., Missoula MT 59801 USA, 406-543-5613 MT CLEMENS-M h-Pat McCormick c-Mary Leona Schalm McCormick a-Roger, (Oscar, Wm T)

Koenraad E. SCHALM, 119 E. Main St, Port Jefferson, NY 11777-1853 USA GERMANY a-SW

Kyle SCHALM, 1330 Burrard St Apt 322, Vancouver BC V6Z 2B8 Canada CANADIAN-W w-Katherine BIRCHALL a-Gerry

Lee R. SCHALM, 5271/2 N Belmont Ave, Springfield OH 45503-4548 USA, 937-322-3458

Lester J & Mary J SCHALM, 189 Gallup St, Mt Clemens MI 48043-1660 USA, 810-468-1845 MT CLEMENS-J

Lewis D. SCHALM, 13669 W. Ravenswood Dr, Sun City West AZ 85375 USA CHICAGO c-David, Kelly a-(Walter)

Lorne SCHALM, Box 31, Scotch Creek BC V0E 3L0 Canada, 250-955-0604 CANADIAN-A w-Michelle OSADCHUK c-Matthew a-Ludwig

Louis SCHALM, Box 152, Spiritwood SK S0J 2M0 Canada, 306-883-2754 CANADIAN-A w-Eva FAWCET c-Ralph, Albert, Sandra SCHALM GILLIES, Ken, Lorne a-*

M. SCHALM, Clinton Twp MI 48035 USA, 810-468-0725 NONE

M. SCHALM, Mecosta MI 49332 USA, 616-972-8593 NONE

M. SCHALM, 5086 Elmhurst, Royal Oak MI 48067? USA, 248-288-5595 MT CLEMENS-J Markus SCHALM. PO Box 961, Niverville MB R0A 1E0 Canada, 204-388-6552 CANADIAN-G w-Teresa KLASSEN c-Niklass, Matthew a-Gottfried

Marten M. SCHALM, 2320 Erskine Blvd, South Bend IN 46614-1226 USA, 219-232-6299 CHICAGO a-(Edward, Walter)

Michael SCHALM, 79 Kemp Ave, Red Deer AB T4P 3M4 Canada, 403-346-3204 CANADIAN-G w-Margret SCHULTZ c-Ryan, Micaela, Stephanie a-Gottfried

Michelle SCHALM, #2 329 4 St NE, Slave Lake AB T0G 2A2 Canada CANADIAN-A

Mike & Ellen SCHALM, 24788 Crocker, Harrison Twp MI 48045 USA, 810-468-1601 NONE

Norman J. SCHALM, 6025 Shore Blvd. S. Apt. 406, St. Perersburg FL 33707-5812 USA, 813-344-3415 NONE ? MT CLEMENS-M w-Maxine a-(Mike)

Ozzie SCHALM, Box 1361, Brooks AB T0J 0J0 Canada, 403-362-3140 CANADIAN-A w-Liz KINDRACHUK c-Sherry SCHALM HAYS, Sherwin, Carlene, Jonene, Sherraine a-*

Paul SCHALM, 27 Autumn Hill Cr, Kitchener ON N2N 1 K9 Canada CANADIAN-G w-Delores KURTZ c-Andrew, Stephen a-(Reinhold)

Paul J. III SCHALM, 6549 Springbottom Way, Boca Raton FL 33433 USA EAST COAST c-Deborah, Paul IV a-(Paul II, Paul etc)

Paul J. IV SCHALM, 344 N. Waterside Dr, Lanexa VA 23089 USA EAST COAST w-Maryann DIXON a-Paul III, (Paul II, Paul etc)

Philip SCHALM, 1580 King St W, Toronto ON M6P 2J7 Canada, 416-533-3239 CANADIAN-A w-Shirley c- a-*

R. SCHALM, 125 Pasadena Ave, Lodi NY 07644-3522 USA, 201-472-4472 NONE Ralph SCHALM, Box 744, Watrous, SK S0K 4T0 Canada, 306-946-2654 CANADIAN-A w-Letty LATORE c-Peter, Eric, Steven a-Ludwig

Rebecca SCHALM, 15-21 Lisperstraat, 2500 Lier Belgium, 32-2-488-2027 CANADIAN-W h-Alyn FORD a-Alfred e-

Reno SCHALM, 1640 River Reach Dr Apt 1, Orlando FL 32828 USA, 407-249-1341? CANADIAN-A w-Nancy RONALD c-Nathan, Rachel, Naomi, Tanya a-*

Richard E SCHALM, 40 1/2 Church St, Saranac Lake NY 12983-1815 USA, 518-891-1142 NONE

Robert E. SCHALM, 95803 County Rd 690, Dowagiac MI 49047-9023 USA, 616-424-5676 CHICAGO a-(Walter)

Robert Hans SCHALM, 249 Overbrook Rd, Dallas PA 18612 USA EAST COAST w- c-Robin SCHALM MOSIER, Connie, Katherine a-(Paul II, Paul etc)

Roger B. SCHALM, 2281 E. 26th Way, Yuma AZ 85365 USA, 520-726-5144 MT CLEMENS-M w-Gladys c-Kelly SCHALM BARAKA, Karin, Stephanie SCHALM RAMPACEK, Daniel, David a-(Oscar, Wm T)


Steven C. SCHALM, 7256 Ready Ave, Warren MI 48091-5340 USA, 810-758-2458 NONE

Troy SCHALM, 643 Pinchbeck St, Williams Lake BC V2G 1E6, 250-389-9067 CANADIAN-W w-Leah MESSENGER c-Jordan a-Dave

Verda SCHEELER SCHALM, 11615 36 Ave, Edmonton AB T6J 0C6 Canada, 403-434-7687 CANADIAN-A h-(Bernard) c-Corinne, Errol, Melody

Wade SCHALM, 1317 150 Mile, House BC V0K 2G0 Canada, 250-296-4267 CANADIAN-W w-Dawn LINDENBACH a-Dave

Walter C. SCHALM, 1021 Glacier Pkwy, Algonquin IL 60102-5004 USA, 847-854-7604 CHICAGO w-Jan a-(Walter)

Warren SCHALM, Box 84, Lazo BC V0R 2K0 Canada, 250-339-7382 CANADIAN-W w-Terry

MIELNICHUK c-Philip, Rachel a-Henry

Wilfred SCHALM, 156 Westhieghts Dr, Kitchener ON N2N 1J9 Canada, 519-743-1635 CANADIAN-G w-Rose BEIFUSS c-Rebecca, Daniel a-Reinhold

Wilma J. SCHALM, 39705 Shoreline Dr, Harrison Twp MI 48045-1636 USA, 810-468-6856

Adele SCHIPFEL, 2494 14 St, Vernon BC V1T 8K5 Canada, 250-545-1603 CANADIAN Margaret COLBOURNE SHALM, 928 Smythe St, Fredericton NB E3B 3G9 Canada, 503-455-2972 CANADIAN-A h-(George SCHALM/SHALM) c-Allen, Lynden, Warren

Warren SHALM, PO Box 334, Napanee ON K7R 3M4 Canada, 613-354-3733 CANADIAN-A w-Linda NICKERSON a-(George SCHALM/SHALM)

Wanda SCHALM SPEIDEL, 2771 60 St NW, Salmon Arm BC V1E 4M2 Canada, 250-832-0304 CANADIAN-W h-Oscar c-Trajen a-Henry

Claudia SCHALM STEIN, llll Red Oak Court , Fort Collins CO 80525 USA, 970-229-9979 MT CLEMENS-M h-Fred c-Mishele, Lisa a-(Oscar, Wm T)

Lisa STEIN, 330 E Cordova #357, Pasadena CA 91101 USA MT CLEMENS-M h-Brain LANOIL a-Claudia SCHALM STEIN, (Oscar SCHALM, Wm T)

Mishele STEIN, 1155 East 2100 South #131, Salt Lake City UT 84106 USA MT CLEMENS-M a-Claudia SCHALM STEIN, (Oscar SCHALM, Wm T)

Erma MUCKINHERN STEVENS, P.O. Box 757, Houghton Lake MI 48629 USA, 517-366-8551 MT CLEMENS-M h-(Tim STEVENS) a-Hulda SCHALM MUCKINHERN

Corinna SCHALM WEBSTER STICKNEY, 1502 Beaty St, Pentiction BC V2A 7B3 Canada, 250-493-5942 CANADIAN-W h-Greg c-Virginia and Aric WEBSTER a-Gerry

Alan TAYLOR, RR3 Site 15 Comp 95, Kamloops BC V2C 5K1 Canada, 250-578-8250 CAN

Val ZIEMER TAYLOR, RR2 S26 C4, Pr George BC Canada, 250-563-8870 CANADIAN-Z h-Bill a-via Ernest ZIEMER

Ruth SCHALM TREKOFSKI, Caixa Postal 21 Rio Branco, Do Sul Parana 83540 Brazil CANADIAN-W h-Earl c-Pat SCHALM THOMAS NELSON, Lynn TREKOFSKI LAGORE a-*

Edith ZIEMER TROWERS, 57 Spencer Dr, New Rochelle NY 10801 USA, 914-235-0540 CANADIAN-Z h-Neville a-(Albertina SCHALM ZIEMER)

Edith JOYCE WISHMAN, 165 Brookwood Dr, Spruce Grove AB T7X 1G6 Canada, 403-962-5345 CANADIAN-A h-Steve c-Matthew, Vincent, Darren a-Erna SCHALM JOYES

Linda SCHALM YOUNG, 708 E Brookwood Ct , Phoenix AZ 85048 USA CHICAGO?

Betty SCHALM ZIEBER, 1321 20 Ave SW, Salmon Arm BC V1E 1L6 Canada, 250-832-6664 CAN-W h-Henry c-Rachelle ZIEBER DELANEY, Lavonne ZIEBER FORTIE, Randy, Lenette ZIEBER BEVIS a-*

Ben ZIEMER, 3931 Arbor Grove Dr, Regina SK S4V 2S4 Canada, 306-586-1222 CANADIAN-Z w-Ella a-(Albertina SCHALM ZIEMER)

Bernard ZIEMER, 711 Glennwood Ave. Kelowna BC V1Y 5M4 Canada, 250-861-4864 CANADIAN-Z w-Denise a-via Ernest ZIEMER

Eldon ZIEMER, 36 Boughton Cresec, Red Deer AB T4R 1L8 Canada, 403-309-2034 CANADIAN-Z a-Ben, (Albertina SCHALM ZIEMER)

Hulda ZIEMER, 3502 Pleasant Valley Rd, Vernon BC V1T 4L6 Canada, 350-545-1850 CANADIAN-Z

Linda ZIEMER, 2508 12 St, Vernon BC V1T 7Y7 Canada, 250-542-7139 CANADIAN-Z a-via Gottfried ZIEMER

Stephen ZIEMER CANADIAN-Z w-Carla a-Ben, (Albertina SCHALM ZIEMER)



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